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AJ8W9222-1 copyLike you, I have stood at the crossroads in life and been unsure about which road to take. Possibly unlike you, I have found myself at these crossroads more than once.

My first bite at the PhD in the late 1990’s taught me a valuable lesson: there is little point in taking the academic road if you are not fuelled by passion. These days, students often ask me “How will I know if I have passion?”. The test, I have found, is quite simple: do you dream about it? Do you think about it in your spare time? If the answer is no, then I strongly suggest that you postpone the PhD for a little while.

In 1997, I failed my own passion test, packed my bags and spent the next 15 years working in various tech start-ups around the world. In 2012, I once again stood at the crossroads. This time, I chose the academic road with a little more awareness, wisdom and the requisite amount of passion. I found that the skills I had developed in the start-up world gave me a sense of clarity in mapping out my own pathway through the PhD and beyond. Surprisingly, I discovered that my approach was helpful to others as well.

The 15 steps I describe in the book helped me to finish my PhD, establish a new professional identity and create a successful career strategy in only three years. The same techniques have now helped hundreds of readers like you do the same. I hope that you will find From Scholar to Dollar useful in creating your own transition plan to post-degree success.

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